Volume 2, Issue 1, Wireman & Terry

Instructor-Created Videos: Connecting with Students Beyond the Classroom

Mark Wireman, Grand Canyon University

Laura Terry, Grand Canyon University


With the advancement of technology, new methods for delivering content are rapidly being presented. Two faculty from different disciplines implemented tutorial videos into introductory courses in psychology and physiology to address problems that pointed to a need for additional supplemental resources. Instructor-created videos, using Loom software, focused on supplementing course content, clarifying course expectations, enhancing student experience, providing additional information related to course requirements, and providing feedback on graded assignments. The instructors met regularly during the 2017-2018 academic year to discuss how the videos were being used and surveyed students to gain their feedback regarding the implementation of the videos. It was believed that by clarifying course content and assignment directions through the implementation of instructor-created videos students would be better prepared to meet the rigorous expectations in the courses where videos are included. Instructors reflected upon the collaborative process utilized to brainstorm methods for creating videos to support their courses and student feedback related to the usefulness of instructor-created videos implemented.

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