Volume 2, Issue 1, June 2019

Volume 2: Issue 1


The Community Engagement Portfolio: Documenting Faculty Community Engagement

Scott W. Greenberger, Grand Canyon University

Morgan McNaughton, Grand Canyon University

Abstract and Paper

Section 1: Community Engagement

Ripples of Change in Honduran Communities

Charles Seeley, Grand Canyon University and The Leadership Center (Honduras)

Elida Florentina Sierra Solórzano, The Leadership Center (Honduras)

Karen Ramirez, The Leadership Center (Honduras)

Norbentina Alvarez Osorno, Little Hands, Big Hearts Foundation (Honduras)

Mary Maldonado, The Leadership Center (Honduras)

Lenis Garcia, The Leadership Center (Honduras)

Abstract and Paper

Leading a Community Engagement Approach for Integral Mission in Central Africa and Southeast Asia

Jason Paltzer, University of Madison- Wisconsin

Abstract and Paper

Section 2: Reflective Practice

The Shared Reflective Practice of Co-Planning an Undergraduate Education Course between Online and Face-To-Face Teacher Educators

Katy Sell, Grand Canyon University

Brandon Juarez, Grand Canyon University

Abstract and Paper

Failing Gracefully: A Reflection on Scholarship Engagement in Engineering

Felicia Green, Grand Canyon University

Abstract and Paper

Postdoctoral Research and Informal Mentoring: A Reflective Inquiry

Sandi M. Van Lieu, Yavapai College

Manyu Li, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Abstract and Paper

Instructor-Created Videos: Connecting with Students Beyond the Classroom

Mark Wireman, Grand Canyon University

Laura Terry, Grand Canyon University

Abstract and Paper

Section 3: Empirical 

The Role of Value Judgment in Congruent Personalities, Trait Authenticity, and Authentic Leadership

Malcolm North, University of Central Arkansas

Clifford Hurst, Westminster College

Julie Nelson, Grand Canyon University

Abstract and Paper

Online Publication Date: June 30, 2019

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