The Journal of Scholarly Engagement (JSE) provides faculty with an academic outlet to document, share, and disseminate scholarship primarily in Boyer’s domains/functions of application and integration. JSE features empirically-based and theoretical research articles, community engagement portfolios, professional profiles, and reflective practice manuscripts for faculty research across the disciplines and within the community at large, with special emphasis given to scholarly engagement in the scholarship of application and the scholarship of integration. Manuscripts must be supported with scholarly evidence, grounded in the relevant literature of the chosen topic.

The goals of JSE are to:

  • Promote scholarship in the domains/functions of scholarship of application and integration.
  • Foster dialogue concerning faculty involvement in scholarly activities.
  • Enhance understanding of all of Boyer's four domains/functions: application, integration, discovery, and teaching. 
  • Promote practical knowledge that can inform both research and practice.

JSE is published in June and November of each year.  Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

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