Volume 2, Issue 1, Seeley et al

Ripples of Change in Honduran Communities

Charles Seeley, Grand Canyon University and The Leadership Center (Honduras)

Elida Florentina Sierra Solórzano, The Leadership Center (Honduras)

Karen Ramirez, The Leadership Center (Honduras)

Norbentina Alvarez Osorno, Little Hands, Big Hearts Foundation (Honduras)

Mary Maldonado, The Leadership Center (Honduras)

Lenis Garcia, The Leadership Center (Honduras)


            Electronic news media from around the world declare the problem: “Honduran migrant group treks north as US calls for tighter borders” (Palencia, 2018), and “Trump warns Honduras over migrant caravan now in Guatemala” (Perez, 2018). Thousands flee poverty and crime in Honduras to pursue the dream of a better life in the US; a life that few of these determined migrants will ever enjoy. While it is commendable that news outlets highlight this dire situation, few will publish stories of those who remain in Honduras, overcome the day-to-day challenges, and take steps to change their lives, the lives of family members, the lives of community members, and ultimately the country of Honduras. This community engagement portfolio fills a gap in the literature and in the global news media. This paper describes a portfolio of community engagement initiatives that begins at The Leadership Center in rural Honduras with ripples continuing out to communities across Honduras. Three graduates and two students of The Leadership Center serve as co-authors on this paper, telling their personal stories and the stories of their engagement in their communities.

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