Volume 2, Issue 1, Greenberger & McNaughton

 (Editorial) The Community Engagement Portfolio: Documenting Faculty Community Engagement

Scott W Greenberger, Grand Canyon University

Morgan McNaughton, Grand Canyon University


As we complete our third issue, it is important to reflect on the success our journal has achieved over the past 2 years. As mentioned in the first editorial, the purpose of the Journal of Scholarly Engagement is to address the need to provide an effective and innovative way to document unconventional scholarship in the Boyer domains of scholarship of application and integration (Boyer, 1990; Greenberger & Mandernach, 2018). Although the journal accepts empirical and theoretical scholarship, the primary focus is on the three innovative manuscript types: reflective practice manuscripts, professional profiles, and community engagement portfolios. Now completing the third issue, we have desk and peer-reviewed 21 manuscripts for publication. The entire editorial team would like to thank the numerous peer reviewers for their tireless contributions in providing insightful feedback to both accepted and rejected manuscripts and for recommending submissions for publication. This new issue, with an introduction to community engagement portfolios, provides the latest evidence of the countless hours dedicated by our staff in making our journal a success. We would also like to thank the Executive Editor, B. Jean Mandernach, and the Advisory Board, Henry T. Radda, Emily D. Sallee, PhD, and Sarah Singletary Walker, for their support and guidance throughout this process.

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