Developing Professional Identity: A Reflection on Practice in a Developing Role

Terila Johnson, Grand Canyon University


The purpose of this reflection on practice was to reflect on how my professional identity developed through supporting dissertation chairs within the evolving supervisory and coaching aspects of becoming a research specialist. The conceptual lenses for this reflection were derived from strands of research on reflective practice, professional identity, and doctoral supervision. By reflecting on a supervising and coaching process as a research specialist, I offer insight into the dynamics of professional identity within a changing profession. This fulfills the need to understand the changing aspects of a profession by reflecting on the development of professional identity, given the supervisory and coaching aspects as a research specialist in the doctoral college are constantly evolving. A collaborative partnership was formed between several dissertation chairs and myself with regard to learners, which in turn has served as a basis for future interactions. Future reflections on practice using alternative models and other practices as a research specialist will help to strengthen my professional identity and practice. 

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