Greenberger & Mandernach

Documenting and Disseminating Unconventional Scholarship

Scott W. Greenberger, Grand Canyon University

B. Jean Mandernach, Grand Canyon University


The Journal of Scholarly Engagement was developed to provide faculty an academic outlet to document and disseminate scholarship primarily in Boyer’s domains of application and integration. The foundation of this new academic journal is Boyer’s Scholarship Reconsidered. In 1990, Boyer and his colleagues at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching responded to the then, and current, predominant definition of scholarship—one that primarily involves conducting discovery research and publishing results (Boyer, 1990; Moser, 2014). In rethinking what it meant to engage in scholarship, Boyer proposed a more comprehensive model, extending beyond a view limited to scholarship of discovery (i.e., empirical research), to recognize scholarship of integration, application, and teaching. This new model (frequently termed the “Boyer model”) expanded the definition of scholarship beyond merely “conducting discovery research” and “publishing results” to fully embrace the broader purpose of the professoriate.

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