Gilpatrick & Vasquez

Social Studies Reflective Paper

Marjaneh Gilpatrick, Grand Canyon University
Tracey Vasquez, Grand Canyon University


Two College of Education administrators who also served as adjunct faculty members decided to embark on team teaching a social studies methods course in a teacher preparation program. The analysis of the literature review indicated that very few studies had been conducted on the topic. 

After reflecting about the benefits of previous PreK-12-grade team-teaching experiences, the writers chose to team teach a methods of teaching social studies course to students in the undergraduate elementary education program of study. Additionally, they sought to examine whether pairing of novice with seasoned faculty would be beneficial to both. Previously, this approach had not occurred at the college. The analysis of the results indicated that team teaching paired with known best practices in higher education instruction can be an effective approach to instruction. Further, the practice seemed to increase both faculty members’ professional development and instructional effectiveness.

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