Volume 1, Issue 2, November 2018

Volume 1: Issue 2

Professional Profile

Educating Change Agents: Teaching Leading Change to Young Honduran Women

Charles P. Seeley, Grand Canyon University & The Leadership Center (Honduras)

Abstract and Paper

Development of a Virtual Faculty Network Using Flipgrid

Maria Quimba, Grand Canyon University
Pascale Lee, Grand Canyon University

Abstract and Paper

Preparing Psychology Undergraduates for the Future

Laura R. Terry, Grand Canyon University
Laura Chesniak-Phipps, Grand Canyon University

Abstract and Paper

A Professional Profile of an Award Winning Instructional Team

Shelley Evans, Wake Technical Community College
Cynthia Bowers, Wake Technical Community College
Chris Roddenberry, Wake Technical Community College

Abstract and Paper

Teaching Analytical Instrumental Analysis to Undergraduates in Specialized Degree Programs with Heterogeneous Prior Knowledge: Reflections on Inquiry Based Lecture Activities

Kirsten A Tucker, Florida State University
Peter L. Pingerelli, Grand Canyon University

Abstract and Paper

Reflective Practice on Social Loafing in College-Level Group Projects

Dalia Sherif, University of Houston-Downtown

Abstract and Paper

Professional Profile: Facilitating Research Education to Research-Naïve, Healthcare Professionals

Sophia R Miranda, Grand Canyon University

Abstract and Paper

Online Publication Date: November 30, 2018

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